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Kaverns Home Members ~ Free and slave 

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Posted on December 9, 2014 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (31)

Meet Koroban Kavern’s own jas`myne{KK}, Red Silk kajira


The kajira’s Gorean View - What do we think about when we close our eyes before sleep? … When our minds begin to wander at work, home? These thoughts, daydreams we have at random times are our own fantasies… But this road steffie has chosen - Gorean – isn’t just a fantasy she is wishing to fulfill, it’s a balance of her everyday life and the one she gives power/control to. The quiet knowledge of who is in control is a constant mental thing. The word fantasy is just that a word to describe our own thoughts, imagination, ideals, and what we would desire.


The Challenge of Expressing the Gorean Life – It is frustratingly difficult to express the Gorean lifestyle to those that don’t want to know or understand it. Society has taught us that bringing a fantasy into the realm of reality would be looked upon as "weird,” "sick," or perverted. Most are seemingly blinded to the fun, the high arousal, the intoxication, the intensity, or the romance of Gor.


Who is jas`myne{KK}? – Simple, but not simple-minded, jas`myne is one who has learned to enjoy the simple things in life. To most she is an open book, IF you know how to read Australian, for jas`myne is a typical Aussie sheila. This kajira is passionate about what she believes in: the right here and the now.


…jas`myne enjoys her life away from irc as a mother and a grandmother, boasting four children, Mathew, Sarah, Phoebe, and Kane (although two of the children don’t live with her anymore). Married at one time, she can’t remember now what she did with the ex! This “red silk” now lives on a big island filled with leprechauns (if you can guess which island, and it’s not Down Under). She also enjoys people, and loves to make them smile and laugh, which gives her a strong sense of self-worth.


…This lovely girl is a Virgo, born on August 24th, has green eyes, and natural brunette hair with added red highlights. While you might never get the chance to view them, jas`myne admits that she has three piercings which can’t be seen unless she’s naked (just guess where they are!), and a tattoo of a unicorn on her right breast.


Things jas`myne Values - Empathetic in nature, she is happiest when the people whom she surrounds herself with are happy. You will usually find her confident, committed, and spirited! Due to her empathy, if she’s tuned in, she can be deeply affected by the moods of others close by. The kajira values loyalty and honesty, character traits to which she is entirely devoted.


A Few of her Favorite Things – Hot pink and purple are jas`myne’s favorite colors (perhaps not mixed together, though). Red wine, especially cabernet sauvignon are loved, while bubble baths are so cherished by this hot red silk that she has one every night! jas`myne’s favorite song is “And the promise of the Truth” by The Butterfly Effect. By the way, if you’re thinking of carrying her off to the Kaverns’ alcove, you might want to take along a chessboard, and steffie is a worthy adversary… CHECKMATE!!!


In Closing – The kajira admits she doesn’t “love easily,” and holds an appreciation for life that only those who have “died on an operating table and then were brought back to life” can have.


But the very best way to get to know jas`myne isn’t from reading this little Bio, but talking to her. As she said, “i’m an open book!”